Advice service:
strategic, tactical and operational

Aware of business security issues, SYMATIQUE has developed an information security service offering that directly responds to your concerns and ensures that security objectives are linked to your business objectives. It takes into account the legislative, human, organizational and technological aspects of information security. And it comes in three parts: strategic, tactical and operational.

Notre mission


Strategic planning
Guidelines and principles
Management framework
Risk analysis and management
Categorization of assets
Policies and guidelines
Business continuity
Internal controls


Focused on your business objectives

Our services are backed up by consulting in information systems governance, which combines governance of ICT and information security. The latter is essential, as it helps to align security objectives with business needs. And to achieve organizational goals. Our services present a strategic vision of information security and risk management in the organization, it includes: the management framework, security policies, communication, etc. This hub brings together a team of high-level experts in the field of information security governance.


Master plan
Normative framework
Architectural design
Incident management
Physical security
Process development
Performance monitoring and Dashboards


From the idea to its realization

It’s good to have a vision. But it still needs to be translated into action. We’ll help you design security solutions that support your business, based on the value of the assets to be protected. To develop a realistic architecture, adapted to your needs. To define specific processes for identity management and access control. To implement tools to control vulnerabilities. The primary objective: maintain the level of confidence in the value of your information assets. This hub brings together a team of high-level experts in the field of information security management and urbanization.


Maintenance of protection
Audits and verification
Management framework
Choice of security solutions
Processes and procedures
Improvement and evolution


Ensure the security

After the design phase, comes the realization phase. Implement the appropriate security solutions. Ensure security in development projects. Manage access rights. Detect intrusions and vulnerabilities. Maintain the required security levels. Activities that our experts can help you achieve.


“In the past, to live in increasingly complex societies, we had to increase our humanity, now we just need to increase technology. ”

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