Real-time supervision
of the cold chain

A platform for the remote supervision of your cold chain. It will allow you to instantly monitor the activity of your equipment in order to improve your quality of service and achieve significant energy savings.

Supervision of the cold chain.
Intervene in real time!
Quality management
Improve the quality and freshness of the product!
Energy saving
Save up to 40% of total energy consumption.
Archive up to 12 months of data online.

Cold chaine

A system that enables growers, producers, processors, cooperatives, distributors, retailers, restaurants and food service providers to reduce spoilage losses, while improving quality and traceability.

The solution provides visibility to monitor and control the temperature, humidity, icing and defrosting cycle of all types of products (fresh produce, dairy products, meats and seafood,frozen and packaged foods) during the period of storage at his of a cold room. You get, on demand, product condition to improve product quality and freshness while increasing customer satisfaction and brand value, it also helps meet government and industry regulations on Food Safety.



Renoutet is an IT platform designed to ensure the proper functioning of your cold room, supervise and alert those in charge in the event of any anomalie.
Energy saving
Optimizing consumption and reducing current electricity costs will save you up to 40% on your annual bills.
Quality management
Improve the quality of the products delivered while meeting the requirements and regulations in terms of food safety.
Archiving and traceability
Monitor variations in records for stored goods, and keep traceability for up to 12 months.
Monitoring & Security
Reduce up to 50% losses due to management problems of uncontrolled record variations.


Seen from some screen prints of RENOUTET and its different FrontOffice systems.


“In the past, to live in increasingly complex societies, we had to increase our humanity, now we just need to increase technology. ”

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