Follow Me
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Follow Me is the best professional tool for GPS geolocation and fleet management containing rich and complete modules to properly manage and secure your fleet in an instantaneous way anywhere or on the globe.
By optimizing missions and travel.
Control your loads
By controlling activities and movements in the field.

The main modules of

Easily locate and manage your fleet's trips and stops wherever you are.
Fleet management
Manage curative and preventive maintenance, oil changes, tax deadlines, etc.
Reporting and Statistics
Have detailed reports and statistics on all of your fleet activity.
Driver & missions management
Identify and effectively manage the assignment and mission orders of your drivers
Fuel management
Management of supplies and fuel consumption of each vehicle.
Eco driving
Monitor the behavior of drivers in the event of aggressive acceleration, hard braking, etc.
Engine stop
Stop your vehicle safely from a distance.
Refrigeration temperature
Monitor the refrigeration temperature during the delivery of your goods.
Unloading system
Detect and record the durations of door openings.
Driver identification
Automatic driver identification system.
Detect entry / exit into authorized areas.
Fuel consumption and level, engine speed, engine temperature, etc.

Reporting & Statistics

Have detailed reports and statistics on all of your fleet activity.

Your management team is looking for a simple visual way to support the evolution of the main performance indicators for the fleet?

Here is the list of reports that you can consult them:

    • Activity report: Total time of ignition with the engine running during the day, hour of the first start, total mileage traveled, maximum speed reached, etc.
    • Trip report: date and time with departure and arrival address, mileage, duration, etc.
    • Report of temperature variations: Minimum, maximum and average temperature of the refrigeration cabin, etc.
    • Eco-driving report: Speeding with locality, hard braking and aggressive acceleration, etc.
    • Passage report by known location.
    • Goods unloading report: time and place of unloading, etc.
    • Etc.


Easily locate and manage your fleet’s trips and stops wherever you are.

Real-time visualization:

    • Instantly locate vehicle positions.
    • Find out about the condition of the vehicles (Stopping / Moving, Speed, fuel level, engine temperature, etc.).
    • Etc.

History of journeys made:

    • Consult the travel history of all vehicles,
    • Monitor the stops made and their durations,
    • Analyze the journeys traveled,
    • Monitor fuel consumption,
    • Monitor the temperature variation (refrigerated truck),
    • Monitor the unloading of goods,
    • Etc.


Preview of some Follow ME screens prints.


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