Sales force
Smart CRM

Give your salespeople the tools and information they need and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by offering a great experience.So boost your growth with a powerful ANDORID mobile application and its web back office.
Increase you turnover
By giving all the support and information necessary for your representatives.
Control your loads
By controlling the activities and movements of your sales representatives in the field.

Guaranteed productivity
360 ° visibility

Discover all the features of this incredible sales force and customer relationship management system and get ready to accelerate your turnover and improve your brand:

  • 360 ° visibility
  • Elimination of delays and errors attributable to re-entries
  • Replace paper
  • Better monitoring of the sales team
  • A sales development and customer follow-up tool
  • Immediate responsiveness and productivity
  • Visit reports with location and photos
  • Quality of service and increased brand with customers
  • Minimize of delivery times and errors
  • A quick return on investment
  • Offline and online mode
  • Intuitive and tactile ergonomics adapted to tablets
  • Operating platforms: Android & Web

The main modules of
Smart CRM

Customer file updated in real time on all mobile devices.
Scheduling of customer meetings & list of tasks to be accomplished.
100% configurable surveys broadcast on all mobile devices.
A 100% configurable customer order validation and follow-up workflow.
Generate quotes with ease and mobility.
Rich product catalog updated in real time on all mobile devices.
Stay Informed about the news of your company.
Geolocate your deliverers and follow the delivery of your customers' orders in real time.
Implement the management process and identify the challenges of better handling of complaints.
Track competitor prices and keep tabs on their field activities.
Listen to the market and create a database for ideas and suggestions.
Track the stock status of your products and be notified at the appropriate time.
Supervise the production cycles (Animal, agricultural, etc.) of your customers in order to define the provisional orders and make them concrete.
Anticipate frequently asked questions from different clients about the company's activity.
Saves time and effort by keeping a rich and varied history of all communications between the company and its customers.
Keep the history of conversations between salespeople and their customers and / or prospects.
Manage and track expenses related to his vehicle: maintenance, oil changes, fuel consumption, etc.
Monitor customer outstandings, and manage recovery on the various collection channels (100% configurable).
Scan and send your invoices and save time in the repayment of your expenses.
Dashboards and reports optimized to facilitate the analysis of your activity.

Customer card

Rich customer file updated in real time.

  • Breakdown of customers by type: Reseller, customer and end consumer.
  • Distribution of customers according to their nature: Natural or legal persons.
  • Management of customer categories & classifications: 100% configurable.
  • Customer coordinates with GPS location and display of routes on MAP.
  • List of contacts classified by function (position) for corporate clients.
  • Display of all useful data on the situation of customers such as:
    • The credit limit,
    • Outstanding (invoices not yet paid),
    • Remaining balance (Quota),
    • Date of last visit,
    • TBD of overall turnover and by item,
    • History of telephone calls and history of complaints,
    • List of supplier assets,
    • Etc.

Product catalog

Rich product sheet updated in real time.

  • 100% configurable item category tree (family, range, category, etc.) with the possibility of configuring special categories for one or more customers.
  • Multi-price for different types of customers and special prices for one or more customers.
  • Competitor management (direct & indirect) with their articles and categories.
    VAT, types of packages and types of measures (liter, kilogram, piece, box, man per day, etc.) are possible and 100% configurable.
  • Different types of promotions are possible: promotion by article, by category, by delegation, promotion by invoice, free on quantity of articles, etc.
  • Management of articles by code and / or bar code.
  • Possibility of adding a detailed description and several photos in the item sheet.
  • Etc.

Visits and surveys report

Scheduling of client meetings & list of tasks to be accomplished.

  • Report of customers not visited for a defined period (the period can be configured according to the strategy of each company).
  • Calendar of appointments and / or customer visits.
  • Scheduling of appointments and / or customer visits with notifications configured in advance and the possibility of making immediate visits.
  • Objectives of appointments and / or customer visits 100% configurable.
  • Reports of appointments and / or customer visits with free description, processing of surveys, sampling of GPS coordinates, start date and duration, but also by taking pictures. Multiple types of customer surveys are possible:
    • Articles presence surveys,
      Customer satisfaction surveys,
    • Hygiene surveys,
    • Free surveys (100% configurable): several types of questions and answers,
    • Etc.

Order management and quotes

Order management & quotes.

  • Report of inactive customers for a defined period (the period can be configured according to the strategy of each company).
  • A 100% configurable sales order validation workflow with several levels and validation criteria.
  • State of the actual stock with the possibility of creating stocks by salesperson and alert thresholds.
  • Order amounts and quotes are calculated on the basis of customer types.
  • Possibility of giving a customizable discount walk by salesperson.
  • Generation of quotes in PDF and sending directly by email to concerned.
  • Archiving of the different versions of a customer quote to keep the history.
  • Archiving of initial orders before modification to compare them with approved orders in order to determine the rate of service and real market demands.
  • Etc.

Complaints and suggestion

Track and process complaints and collect ideas and suggestions.

  • Complaints and suggestions are classified by type and nature.
  • Configure the nature of complaints and suggestions by type (Customer, item, delivery person, invoice and others).
  • Possibility of taking pictures for one or more types of complaints and suggestions.
  • Select the departments and people who should view complaints and suggestions on the BackOffice.
  • Configure the email addresses that must be notified in real time for each new insertion.
  • The salesperson has the possibility to claim / suggest in his name or add those of his customers.

Objectives & Turnover

Dashboards optimized to facilitate decision-making.

  • A visual representation that helps salespeople to monitor their data in an automated way through optimized dashboards classified by (Overview, article category, article and even by customer).
  • Simplicity of follow-up and evaluation of the relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) which allow to manage the customer portfolio in relation to the objectives set by the hierarchical superiors:
    • Ease of interpretation following to an intuitive presentation of the data.
    • Real-time results.
    • Ability to identify trends by following historical data.
    • Ease of personalization: focus on the information that is important to you.
    • Increase efficiency through continuous monitoring.
    • Increase efficiency through continuous monitoring.

Functional impact

Le CRM n’est pas un simple outil de travail mais aussi une stratégie à mettre en place ayant un impact direct, non seulement sur les clients, mais aussi sur les différents département de l’entreprise.
  • Consolidate and analyze all data.
  • Find the best way to turn your prospects into customers.
  • Acquire the best customer knowledge.
  • Personalize and market customer support.
  • Provide personalized answers.
  • Have access to current business opportunities.
  • Have the vision at time to determine the right decision to take.
  • Proactively lead teams.
  • Anticipate corrective actions.
  • Make the right decisions at the right time at all levels of the business.
Customer base
  • Benefit from daily, fast and efficient monitoring and support.
  • Benefit from personalized treatment.
  • Simplicity of communication with his company.


From the filed

Companies having equipped their sales representatives with tablets would have seen their turnover increase by 13% on average, and their conversion rate by 40%!

Source Cabinet MCR Groupe


“In the past, to live in increasingly complex societies, we had to increase our humanity, now we just need to increase technology. ”

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