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Good management of door to door sales :

Door to door sales and managing street vendors is considered as the most difficult discipline. However with method and a lot of determination, you will be sure to succeed in selling just by using Smart SELLER:

Productivity gain for your salespeople.
Real-time data consolidation.
Geographical monitoring of sales and detection of potential.
Control and monitoring of truck stock.

Geographic sales tracking
Detection of potential customers

SMART SELLER (Door to door sales system) is a system dedicated to street vendors:

  • Management of salaried sellers and/or commission agent sellers (patented). (licensed).
  • Simplify the control and monitoring of the work of itinerant vendors in the field.
  • Multi-subsidiaries, multi-invoicing and multi-item catalogs.
  • Create a database of all customer details including geolocation.
  • Management of routes and detections of unvisited customers.
  • Better tracking of orders and movements of the truck’s stock.
  • Monitor and make good use of the assets assigned to customers.
  • Strengthens the quality of service and brand of the company.
  • Productivity gains.
  • A quick return on investment.
  • Offline and online mode.
  • Intuitive and tactile ergonomics suitable for PDAs and smartphones
  • Operating platforms: Android

The main modules of

Customer file updated in real time on all mobile devices.
Tour planning.
Detect unvisited customers (configurable periods)
Don't miss any sales opportunity.
Sales modules by invoice and / or delivery Order
Rich product catalog updated in real time on all mobile devices.
Control and monitoring of truck stock
Management of customer collection.
Track and process your customers' claims.
Listen to the market and create a database for ideas and suggestions..
Management of merchandise returns.
Wealth management
Monitor and make good use of the assets assigned to customers.

Customer management

Reinforces the quality of service and brand of the company.

  • Possibility of creating new customers.
  • Rich customer file updated in real time.
  • Give sellers the ability to view the list of customers who are part of their dedicated geographic area.
  • Classification of customers according to the nature, the state as well as all the information necessary to identify them.
  • Report of inactive customers for a defined period (the period is configurable according to the strategy of each company).
  • Generate the list of unvisited customers: configurable period from the back office.
  • Possibility of setting prices per customer from the back office.


Don’t miss any business opportunity

  • Obtain and consult the details of your current invoices.
  • Guaranteed productivitythrough the generation and printing of invoices and delivery slip instantly.
  • Increase your profitability by opting for mobile and fast collection.
  • Multiple types of collection are available and configurable from the back office.
  • Boost the responsiveness of street vendors in the market by planning their rounds in advance.

Stock & Return goods

Real-time truck stock management.

  • Real-time stock status tracking.
  • Perform an inventory to detect stock discrepancies.
  • Simplify the control and follow-up of the work of the sellers on the ground by managing the return of the goods on two aspects:
    • Intact return : In order to insert them again in the sale stock.
    • Defective return: In order to replace it.


Order management (real time + history)

  • Product catalog available and easy to handle.
  • Tree structure of 100% configurable item categories (family, items, category, etc.) with the possibility of configuring special categories from the back office.
  • A 100% configurable customer order validation workflow with several validation levels and criteria.
  • View order history and processing status.
  • Time saving and ease of use.

Assets management

Garantir la bonne gestion de la patrimoine offerte aux clients (tels que: TV, Réfrigérateur , Etc. ).

  • Management of customer asset allocation requests.
  • Verification of the presence and proper use of assets at customers.
  • Report any failure on the number of equipment (assets) offered at the sales points.
  • Management of requests for maintenance of assets and follow-up of repairs.

Impact & Interests

SMART SELLER is a powerful management and sales performance tool for your business, whatever the size of your establishment.
  • Sales follow-up.
  • Loyalty of its customers.
  • Simplicity of wind transactions.
  • Management of salaried and commission sellers.
  • Simplify the control and monitoring of the work of street vendors in the field.
  • Create a database of all customer details including geolocation.
  • Productivity gains.
  • Personalized service.
  • Effective availability of products (absence of shortages).
  • Climate conducive to purchases: Printed invoice and receipt instantly.


From the filed

59% of leading companies provide their sales representatives with a 360-degree view of customers, including their purchasing history on a mobile device, in order to provide a rapid response to customer requests and improve satisfaction.

Source Etude AberdeenGroup


“In the past, to live in increasingly complex societies, we had to increase our humanity, now we just need to increase technology. ”

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