Supervision of the activity
of your fleet in real time

Vehicle fleet geolocation solution for professionals that helps you distribute your vehicles equitably in the field, increase the number of operations and reduce intervention times to optimize your productivity.

Locate and manage your fleet’s trips and stops wherever you are.
Eco driving
Monitor drivers’ behavior in the event of aggressive acceleration, hard braking, etc.
Fuel management
Track supplies and fuel consumption for each vehicle.
Refrigeration temperature
Monitor the refrigeration temperature during the delivery of your goods..

fleet management

Using an internet browser or via the mobile application (Android & iOS), you can then access to all the information about your fleet. The position of the vehicle is presented on digital maps. Speed, start and sensor data are visible in tabular or graphical form. You can also enter all the costs associated with your vehicles – fuel, tires, maintenance, insurance, and depreciation, among others. You will have complete control over your fleet costs.

When the vehicle is moving, the GPS tracker records and sends the data and boot to the FOLLOW ME data center, using GPRS communications. The data received by FOLLOW ME processing center is recorded and processed immediately. they are also scanned in the event of possible alarm situations.

Why choose the Follow ME geolocation platform?

An information management, monitoring and evaluation system adapted to the business processes of any company that manages a rolling fleet with ease and efficiency.
Easy to use and configure.
Stable and efficient platform.
Archive up to 12 months of data online.
A rich and modular platform.


Preview of some screen prints of the mobile application (Android & iOS) of Follow ME and its different FrontOffice systems.


“In the past, to live in increasingly complex societies, we had to increase our humanity, now we just need to increase technology. ”

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