For your supermarkets network:

Smart MERCHANDISING system is an Android application dedicated to merchandisers to inspect the implantation of products in the various brands and ensure competitive and promotional monitoring in supermarkets.


By a complete study of your articles and the articles of the competitors.


With a permanent adaptation of the assortment to market needs.


By checking the appropriate presentation of your goods.


By monitoring the actions of your competitors.
smart merchandising

Have clear information:
Respond in the right way

Thanks to Smart MERCHANDISING system you will have reliable and real-time information on the presence of your products and the compliance of your actions in supermarkets.

  • Strategic component:
    • Improved efficiency and productivity in the field.
    • Real-time visibility of merchandiser activity.
    • Management of promotional operations, budgets and sectorisations.
    • Analysis of your positioning on the market compared to the competition.
    • Quality of service and increased brand with customers.
  • Operational component:
    • Instant supervision reports with location and pictures.
    • Real-time reports and statistics.
    • A competitive and promotional watch adapted to your needs.
    • Ensure the visibility of your products in the right place.
    • Use in Offline and Online mode.
    • Intuitive and tactile ergonomics adapted to different smartphone screen sizes.

The main modules of

Management of supermarkets and Sales point..
Management of competitors and competing items.
Management of visit reports..
Management of agreements with GMS..
Planning of actions in relation to “Point of Sale Advertising”.
Management of visit planning.

Major advantages
What sets us apart.

  • Multi-subsidiaries, multi-catalogs.
  • A qualitative and quantitative analysis of points of sale.
  • A study of targets to better understandconsumer behavior.
  • Smooth administrative management of the merchandising team: scheduling visits for merchandisers.
  • Management of convention with supermarkets..
  • Offer configurable quality reporting according to analysis and decision-making needs.
  • Record all promotional actions encountered in the Stores visited: promotional monitoring schedules established beforehand according to a configurable frequency.

Visit reports

Planning of customer visits and generation of reports.

  • Report of planned visits.
  • Report of realised visits.
  • Report of canceled visits.
  • Schedule of visits (per day, weeks, etc.).
  • Scheduling of visits and possibility of realising of immediate visits.
  • Reports of customer visits with free description, possibility of taking before & after pictures, indication of the break or pre-break, start date and duration.
  • Possibility of cancellation of the visit by mentioning the reasons which are 100% configurable.

Supermarkets and sale points

Management of supermarkets and sale points.

  • Distribution of supermarkets according to the division of the geographical area and according to the merchandiser.
  • Management of customer categories & classifications: 100% configurable.
  • GMS coordinates with location..
  • Display of all useful GMS data :
    • Merchandiser and area manager assigned to the client.
    • The frequency of customer visits
    • Visiting days and times
    • Typology of merchandising items : list of items in the store, etc.

Promotional & competitive watch

Management promotional & competitive watch

  • Planning of actions in relation to “Advertising at the Point of Sale”.
  • Add a promotional watch (100% configurable) with :
    • List of scheduled watches.
    • List of watches carried out.
    • List of canceled watches.
  • Add a Competitive watch (100% configurable) with:
    • The actions of competitors.
    • Specify the name of the competing company.
    • Promotional items.
    • Start and end date of the promotions.
    • Promotional mechanism.
    • Promote products.
    • Animation.
    • Taking pictures.

Performance rates

Monitoring of performance rates.

  • Inserting & displaying user information:
    • Last name First Name
    • Phone number
    • Mail address
    • Days off (rest days)
  • Show performance rates such as:
    • Attendance rate.
    • Punctuality rate.
    • Rate of compliance with reports.
    • Breakage rate.
    • Overall performance rate of its customers.

Impact & Interests

Comes to the store to find answers to his expectations
  • Choice of a relevant assortment.
  • Effective availability of products (absence of shortages).
  • Climate conducive to purchases: clarity, attractiveness of product presentation, sufficient information, etc.
Present his offer and sell his products
  • Occupation of linear space in line with its market share.
  • Respect for its image, the specificity presented by its range of products.
Considered as a recognized intermediary and remunerated for his service
  • Present the product offer in an attractive way as expected by the majority of acquired and potential customers.
  • Take into account certain specificities of the clientele.


At the heart of the action

The definition of merchandising is based on the principle of presenting the right product, at the right price, at the right time, in the right place and with the right quantities.


“In the past, to live in increasingly complex societies, we had to increase our humanity, now we just need to increase technology. ”

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